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I could go on at length, but really I am just an individual interested in a journey along a path not well trod. I was never an accomplished academic, and my early working years were spent at diverse labouring jobs, including digging graves, drilling oil wells in the North Sea, growing vegetables, roadying for an Irish pub band and building sheds and mud brick houses. That was before I discovered photography and how far one can continue a full and interesting lifestyle courtesy of bluff and illusion! ........ After a 20 year career as an average advertising photographer and part time university lecturer, I shut up shop, moved to the country and became a fine art photographer, festival director and editor and publisher of a photography magazine. I am not particularly interested in money or being a team player, which is a good thing because none of my current pursuits generate income, nor are they dependent on the cooperation of others. Now, fast approaching the end of my third quarter as a resident of this planet, and with all the experience accumulated over 7.5 decades, I acknowledge that I look better with my clothes on, and sound more intelligent when I keep my mouth shut!                              

Jeff Moorfoot OAM March 2023                                             

"Moorfoot, you are an insignificant           little twerp!" 

Mme Crouch, French teacher, Ceelong High School 1962

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