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Jeff Moorfoot oam

born gelong 1946


2017    Medal of the Order of Australia [OAM]

2015    AIPP Licentiate [APP.L]

2011    Master fifth gold bar AIPP [APP M.Photog V]

2007   Master  fourth gold bar AIPP [APP M.Photog IV]

2003   Fellow AIPP [FAIPP]

2002   Master third gold bar AIPP [APP M.Photog III]

2000   Honorary life Member AIPP [HLM]

1997   Master  second gold bar AIPP [APP M.Photog II]

1993   Master Photographer AIPP [APP M. Photog]

1988   Associate AIPP [AAIPP]

1987   BA [Photography] RMIT


Solo Exhibitions

2023   Interferon. Radio Springs, Lyonville

2022   conTEXT,   Maud Gallery Brisbane QLD

2022   Bark, Radio Springs , Lyonville

2021    Revenge of the Haiku Master,, Beijing Photo Festival, China

2021    Bark, Lishui Photo Festival, China

2021    Revenge of the Haiku Master, Dali Int Photo Exhibition, China

2021    Artifact, BAD  at Maud Street Gallery, Qld

2021    Grid.   Radio Springs Lyonville

2021    Parsimony  Radio Springs Lyonville

2021    Artifact  Queensland Centre for Photography

2020   Scan, Queensland Centre for Photography, Maud Gallery 

2020   The Great Walls of China, Radio Springs Lyonville

2019    Rodents Mort, Taizhou Cultural Museum, Zheijiang  China

2019    Rodents Mort, Lishui Photography Festival, Zhejiang, China

2019    Rodents Mort, Pingyao International  Photo Festival, Shanxi, China

2019    Rodents Mort, Vision Boundary Taizhou Cultural Centre, , China

2019    Parsimony [Antipodean Mnemomic]  Photo Baohe, Hefei,  China

2019    Keep on Truckin’ Radio Springs, Lyonville

2019    I Heart Cambodian Girls,   Shenzhen Photo Festival, China

2019    Oldskool   Mercure Hotel, Ballarat

to download a word file of my full cv as of

January 2023 click here

"as soon as my net worth reaches one billion dollars I'm going to become an altruist!"

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