Volt is a body of work featuring disused electrical switchboards photographed at the former Volklingen Ironworks in Saarbrucken, Germany. It is the only surviving ironworks in the world from the heyday of iron and steel production and a unique testimony to an industrial epoch of the past. The ironworks were shut down in 1986, then In 1994 Völklinger Hütte was granted a place as the first industrial monument on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site List, and since then has been developed as a centre for the arts, utilising many of the refurbished industrial buildings but much of the old infrastructure still remains.

These forlorn control mechanisms of the past have deteriorated and disintegrated, and no longer serve a function that once controlled the flow of energy around this gothic behemoth in its glory days as the Volklingen Ironworks. I have endeavoured to accentuate and celebrate the status they once enjoyed as players in the pursuit of industrial might for the supposed betterment of mankind.