I Love Cambodian Girls

Like every international tourist who journeys to Siem Reap I made a tuk tuk trip to Angkor Wat to experience the 7th wonder of the world.

I was at first struck by the hordes of tourists congregated in the same spot, and all making the same picture. I kept my lens cap on and ventured into the temple.

At once I was captivated by the beauty of the carvings that adorned the walls. Like a hundred thousand visitors before me I marvelled at the skill of those artisans who made these wonderful reliefs, for there were no naive artworks here, just masterfully crafted images that sprang to life as the light raked across their surfaces.

And so I began to photograph - at first the intricate patterns, and then the crumbling and stained surfaces, and then the girls. The beautiful Khmer girls, in their skimpy diaphanous outfits with their arm and ankle bracelets and exotic head-dresses. I became captivated by their beauty and grace and their eroticism.

This body of work pays homage to both the skill of those ancient master craftsmen and their beautiful subjects.